Can a reality show create an influencer?

Samuel Beniak | 8. 2. 2023
Can a reality show create an influencer?

In Brand Boost, our guilty pleasure is watching a reality show. When our colleague Tamara signed up for Love Island, it was clear, we would create a case study. We wanted to motivate each other to watch it and also to assess whether reality shows can form influencers. It is quite clear that the show itself is not enough to create a ready-made influencer. However, it gives participants a favourable starting position and can bring in a number of new followers. But it is only the first stage of their lives as influencers.

We collected data on followers

We have recorded the numbers of each participant upon entering the villa and on the date of the end of the broadcast. The data has shown us a lot of interesting things, like the fact that if you win a contest like this, it doesn’t automatically mean the biggest increase in followers. But it is not the only thing our data has shown. Here are some other results worth noting.

The winners are not in the TOP 3

As we mentioned earlier, Kryštof and Denisa, who won Love island 2022, are not even in the top three. Christopher had approximately 4,600 followers before entering the villa and 47,000 after the show. This is an increase of 922%, but even this is not enough for a place in the top 3. His partner Denisa had approximately 4209 followers before entering the villa and after 74 791. As a percentage, it grew by 1777%. However, even these numbers were not enough to place in the top three, although they left as absolute winners.

Who’s in the top three?

If you’re surprised that even that kind of growth wasn’t enough for the top three, you’ll find out in our chart who occupied the first rungs, including the increase in followers.

TOP influencer

She was already a well-known figure on instagram and in the world of modelling before entering the competition. However, her participation almost doubled the number of followers, ensuring a clear first place in their numbers. Although percentage-wise, this works out to a growth of “only” 96%, it’s already a decent 107,000 followers for figures. As a result, Natalie Kocendova is coming off as the winner in the “TOP INFLUENCER” category.

Who’s the biggest jumper?

The clear winner in the percentage increase of followers is Radek. A darling of women and a likeable boy who spent quite a number of days in the villa, he grew 6,706% on Instagram. Its initial state was 648 followers upon entering the villa, after which it is already a whopping 44,100. Such an increase is huge and in percentage terms it simply had no competition, no one grew more.

Rank by gender

We also did a gender comparison for the review. We have selected the top 6 entrants from both men and women and have prepared them for you in a clear table.

So can a reality show create an influencer?

It’s very clear that it is the perfect premise for this. Reality shows simply open the door to a world of influencers and interesting possibilities. Influencers want to grow and have large numbers of followers. This allows them to start new cooperations, get better and make an impact on people’s lives through social media. According to the data that we’ve collected, it can be seen that these forms of TV shows are an amazing prerequisite for fulfilling the desire to become an influencer. However, it is important to engage viewers, to appear sympathetic and, when finished, to create valuable content that will ensure growth, but also the keeping of existing fans.