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How to sell pool chemicals with the help of education
Samuel Beniak | 9. 2. 2023

Everyone who has a pool or hot tub needs pool chemistry. It’s not naturally a very interesting product, and people often don’t know how to use what they’ve bought correctly. With our client Chlorito.cz, we have decided to combine education with sales.

Can a reality show create an influencer?
Samuel Beniak | 8. 2. 2023

Watching reality shows is our guilty pleasure at Brand Boost. When our colleague Tamara signed up for Love Island, we knew we had to create a case study. Come read it and see if being on a reality show is enough to become an influencer, and how it affects follower growth.

How to turn influencer marketing into another (full-fledged) performance channel?
Samuel Beniak | 6. 2. 2023

Finding a new performance channel in marketing is almost unthinkable, but hope dies last. Come read how we’ve created another powerful influencer channel for several clients that brings in big sales.

Weather will save you costs and make you money at the same time
Samuel Beniak | 3. 2. 2023

As the season approaches for retailers, it is almost essential to prepare a campaign that will help them achieve better profits. At first glance, it’s quite simple. Set a budget, select a few online media, add some offline stuff, and voila, the campaign is up and running.