How to sell pool chemicals with the help of education

Samuel Beniak | 9. 2. 2023
How to sell pool chemicals with the help of education

Anyone with a pool or jacuzzi needs pool chemistry. It’s not naturally such an interesting product, and people often don’t know how to make the right use of what they’ve bought. We decided with our client to combine the education with the sale. We didn’t want to write boring articles, post loads of posts on social networks, or reinvent the wheel. We reached for the newsletters, also thinking that the content is king and we mustn’t bore people. That’s how the mini-series “Señor Chlorito” came about.

What range of products does Chlorito have?

Chlorito offers a wide range of pool chemistry. The Fuk brothers, who own the company, are trained chemists and therefore can afford to make the products themselves. They reduce the cost of production and are able to market a product that works and is not available to the competition. They’re a bit of an innovator, but they’re also clients. That’s why they want to see success and successful sales.

What was the goal?

The goal was to describe a potential problem they have with pool water and immediately offer a product that solves it. If you own a pool, you’re likely to encounter the notion of pH, chlorine, green algae – this is the most common. Having a pool isn’t just about joy, it’s about worry. That’s why reading the newsletter will make people understand that we know how to solve their problem. They remember the difficulty of cleaning the pool and put the product in the basket. So the goal was to educate and sell at the same time. The amount we set was to sell the goods for 400,000 czech crowns.

Why didn’t we reach out to automation?

Selling pool chemistry is a seasonal thing. The biggest boom is in the de-wintering of the pool in May and then until the end of August. Subsequently, number of purchases decreased, quite logically, when people are not bathing. At the same time, we didn’t need to create automation, in our case it was best to send out in May. People start thinking about the pool and we remind them appropriately. If they lack pool chemistry, there’s a better chance of buying.

Processing sends

We reached for a common automation format, which we transferred to regular send-offs. A mini-series about pool chemistry, 5 episodes loaded with information, but so we don’t get bored. Simple and readable sentences, information at points, in other words, what people want to read and will enjoy reading. You can see the design of the template in the attached pictures.

We didn’t just focus on conventional pool maintenance

We also offered people extra information so that they don’t just think about their worries. We therefore added an episode on solar showers to the mini-series. These heat the water with the sun and just need a water supply. We’ve added information to the braid about why it’s nice to have a shower in the garden. You can prevent the pool from getting dirty or you can have a nice rinse after a long day. In short, we’ve added something extra, something that people might like.

What did we achieve with the miniseries?

What to take and learn from our campaign

Educating customers and selling at the same time doesn’t have to be so difficult to combine. All it takes is an interesting idea. Remind customers at the right moment, arouse their interest in buying the product. If you educate your customers and give them an explanation of how the product will make their lives easier and what they can avoid because of it, you win. If impulse buying works for your customers, give the message emotion and you’ll increase the chances of a conversion all the more.

Educating customers simply doesn’t have to be boring, it can be done in a fun, clever way and sell merchandise to boot.