From concept to reality: how the new web design for Revolt.BI was created

Lukáš Haubelt | 5. 2. 2024
From concept to reality: how the new web design for Revolt.BI was created

Main objective: 

Revolt.BI, a consulting and implementation company specializing in data analytics, took on the challenge of redesigning its website. The original website no longer met current standards, both in terms of visual identity and performance parameters. Brand Boost’s goal was to create a modern, uncluttered and user-friendly website that would effectively reflect Revolt.BI’s values and mission.

After listening to the client’s requirements, we got to work. As part of this challenge, we focused on implementing Business Intelligence elements that provide clear and efficient navigation, such as interactive reports. A key element for the design was the company’s visual identity, which we reflected by choosing a contrasting orange and black colour scheme. In addition, the Poppins font was used in different cuts. This font is known for its simplicity, cleanliness and legibility.

We maintained regular communication with the client. This active collaboration helped us on our way to creating a website that is not only visually appealing but also functionally effective.

Design and UX: 

With an emphasis on user experience, we have focused on linking the individual pages so that the user can easily find the information they need. An important element was the sensible ordering and structuring of the subpages with regard to functionality and clarity. The client’s requirement was to divide the site into business and technology sections. We achieved the division using colour coding – orange for business, black for technology (HEX codes: #EBA52D and #000000). This colour scheme runs through the entire site and makes it easier for users to navigate.

For the site, we created moving prototypes and original cartoon illustrations in the company colors to reinforce the unique identity of the site. We used the letter “R” from the logo as a pictogram and watermark on the homepage, which contributed to the originality and coherence of the site.

By creating the site design in Figma, we were able to create a detailed and interactive design, incorporating micro details such as the connectors in the background and the Revolt.BI logo in the images. The animated images that accompany the entire site are created in the same color tones and style as the rest of the site. We have implemented a data-connection video animation on the homepage. We also used interactive reports to ensure easy navigation and reading of the report data. When you hover your cursor over a specific part of the report, a framed window appears with information on exactly what and how to read from the report. The site also includes a clear recruitment page.


Creating the website for Revolt.BI was a project in which we managed to combine careful design, focus on UX/UI and close cooperation with the client. The resulting website not only reflects the visual identity of the company, but also provides users with a clear and effective space to interact with the content.